Djordje Bogdanovic – Major Models Men

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Model: Djordje Bogdanovic
New to Major Models Mens division, Djordje Bogdanovic, click HERE to view a short video from Major with Djordje Bogdanovic.
Model: Djordje Bogdanović
Novo lice u Major Models Mens division, Djordje Bogdanović, kliknite OVDE i pogledajte kratki video Djordja Bogdanovića sa Major Model bloga. 




  1. jason smit says:

    he is just stunnin’
    first time i saw him 1 years ago in French L’Optimum magazine.
    after i kept seing him in Milan and Paris on the best shows for Fashion Weeks…
    He looked so gorgeous on Versace and Giorgio Armani this season in January…
    I am glad Serbians are so successful in this business,as im part Serbian too…but not that beautiful though hahahah

    rock NYC djordje!!!