‘Belcheck’ najpoznatiji Srbini u Americi nakon Djokovica

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“24: Live Another Day” has just come to a great finale to raving reviews. The gripping new series with Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland) finished with an episode that’s exciting, emotional, cathartic and just plain cool.

Branko Tomovic was cast to play Belcheck – Jack Bauer’s fiercely loyal Serbian right hand man, who is an expert in weapons, demolition and explosions. Belcheck has become a fan favourite early on and his role grew to more importance. He has emerged as the dark horse of the show with his cool demeanour, endless loyalty to Jack in his pursuit to save the President of the United States and funny one liners like: President Heller: “What’s your name?” Belcheck: “Belcheck. Just one Word. Like Madonna.” The finale ends with Jack giving himself up and boarding a helicopter to Russia, and it’s Belcheck who delivers the final lines of the series, when he tells Chloe to go to the car.

Belcheck proved to be one of the favourite new characters on the show and has been named the second favourite Serbian in the USA at the moment, after Novak Djokovic.

Branko Tomovic says, “I absolutely enjoyed playing Belcheck and being on 24. This whole experience has been so fantastic. Belcheck has definitely a very dark side to him and a mysterious past – but he is on the good side.”

Branko Tomovic Branko Tomovic